• Sacred Activations™

    (Attivazione Sacre TM)


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    What are Sacred Activations™ and what do they do?

    Since 2011, the founder of Sacred Activations Tamra Oviatt  has been called and guided to many of the sacred sites across the world where her connection with the universe (Creator/God) became so strong she began channelling and receiving the first activations. She was clearly told that these are powerful ascension tools that would be shared with the whole world, not only for their extremely high vibration but also for their easy ability to swiftly shift negative belief systems, as well as clear hooks and illusions that keep us trapped in the 3D collective consciousness, which has already shifted to 5D, which many find overwhelming.

    They are extremely simple to use, just by listening to them and focussing on the related theme, these activations can clear you of tens of hundreds and possibly thousands of belief systems, contracts, and trapped energy which prevent you from moving beyond your present situation and personal growth- which may be showing up as blocks in your chakras, your DNA (which can have up to 18 strands activated), the pineal gland, or even blocking complete activation of the sacred geometry within the body and organs. Sacred Activations will assist you with this as well as clearing old belief systems. It also cannot be misused as the high vibration will simply get blocked.


    This makes Sacred Activations a truly spectacular and easy to use modality, which you can even learn for yourself as a stand alone healing, or to use alongside other healing modalities, to provide swifter shifts, yes – even saving you from hours and hours of costly belief work sessions, which may not always completely get to all the core issues. That’s what I love about them!

    Once you receive a powerful Sacred Activation, your inner world will just automatically release that negative belief system and anything relating to it which is not in alignment with the highest vibration of love joy and peace, and it will continue eliminating until the process is complete. Results can be immediate and sometimes the clearing process may take a few hours, days or perhaps weeks to shift deeper stuff within you. It may even make you feel tired or a bit sensitive as you are transforming. It is clear that the activations received are of the highest source vibration (not angels and guides), 7th plane, the eye of God, source of all love and creation that we are ourselves part of in our hearts too.



    Your soul will just know if and when it is the right time to do the training. You will just be drawn to it!

    All it takes is 3 days! And this can all be done from anywhere in the world via webinar (in person training will also be available in 2018)

    Once you have the Self Healing (one day) and Practitioner Training (2 days), it’s yours for life! And you can work one on one with others.

    NO NEED TO RE-CERTIFY, although new activations are being channelled frequently, which I am also able to do, for upgrades and belief pattern clearings, to release you from negative patterns and trauma you may have taken on in this lifetime, past lives, your ancestors and the collective consciousness and unconsciousness. In the practitioner training, you will receive the golden seals so that you can work on yourself and then another person. (for groups master level is required). Further training will be available with me in the near future.

    The first 3 activations will act as a good foundation for your body to hold the higher vibrations of love joy and peace in your daily life, as you continue to work with these beautiful activations. Through doing this work, there are major tangible results showing up in the collective subconsciousness of humanity as well.

    Only when the collective unplug from these belief system will we truly make the shifts that many of us have dreamed of and have chosen to witness in THIS lifetime. So Now is the time, what are you waiting for? This modality is super simple to use and receive.

    I have been working with various amazing healing modalities for many years, but I never seemed to really get to the fun cosmic stuff like I have with Sacred Activations! So grateful and privileged to have trained in person with the founder herself. I now realise that the kundalini experience I had whilst visiting Egypt in the 1980s was part of my preparation to begin channelling higher energies, codes, healing and Creator’s truth.

    This work clears on a very deep level, both for clients and for myself. These activations can be received in a session on their own or in conjunction with all the other training I have. I will be shown by source which ones you are ready for.


    Email and join the newsletter for access to free activations, or join us on facebook to receive live webinars.

    Thank you!

    These activations will be available for purchase soon. In the meantime, you may book a session to receive and experience the benefits from them. 


    includes recordings of 26 activations worth over £440 

    live online training – you will be sent login details when you register by emailing me) Receive the Golden Seals for self healing using the first 26 activations, preparing you for the practitioner 2 day training.

    Here are the first 26 Sacred Activations you receive on the training. It is advised to do use them a bit at a time or they may knock you out! I am able to channel well over 300 activations for you and I am currently recording them for you to purchase. Yes, the recording holds the same vibration as receiving it in person from me, and you can then listen to it over and over. Three times will usually be enough though.

    1. Lord Metatron

    The Lord Metatron Activation enables you to move through the present period of Earth changes with ease and grace. This activation accelerates the evolution of your DNA to the new crystalline levels associated with Gaia’s evolution from the 3rd dimension to 5th dimension and beyond toward the 12th dimension.

    Value: £17

    2. The Tree of Life Code 

    The Tree of Life Code Activation ignites your Tree of Life, rejuvenates your cell, and increases your energy and mental clarity. This activation makes it easier to focus on and manifest your dreams. Since downloading this activation, you may look more youthful and have more sparkle in your eyes, and energy levels may increase also!

    Value: £17

    3. Avebury Stonehenge 

    The Avenbury/Stonehenge activation increases your healing and psychic abilities. It allows you to easily communicate with your higher self, guides and angels, and the Creator. This also increases your clairvoyance and clairaudience, making it possible to fully comprehend what is taking place in healings.

    Value: £17

    4.Christ Consciousness(Heart healing)

    Christ Consciousness Awareness empowers you to create miracles in your life. Additionally, this heals your heart, filling you with gratitude and releasing you from self-judgment.

    Value: £17

    5. Super DNA

    The Super DNA activation improves your DNA, so that it matches the new evolved generation that is coming onto the planet at this time. When children who were born with AIDS were activated and their progress tracked and retested some years later, it was found that the AIDS disease was gone and their DNA had been changed to a “Super DNA.”

    Value: £17

    6. Mother Earth

    Mother Earth connects you with all of the elements of this wonderful place we call home: Mother Earth. It helps ground you and centers you in the knowing that we are all connected; it connects you to the fairies, trees, flowers and water, and brings you closer to our animal friends. To connect to your Higher Self, it’s important to first connect to Mother Earth.

    Value: £17

    7. Mother Mary

    This activation brings provides awareness of others’ inability to love and a clear understanding of who they are on all levels. When you are brought into the awareness of a mother’s love and clear beliefs that block your ability to love others in the world, you achieve a state of love for everyone without judgment.

    Value £17

    8. Family Constellation

    The Family Constellation Activation clears your anger, judgment, guilt, and hatred toward your family. It gives you a true knowing of what a family’s love feels like.

    Value: £17

    9. Original Light Language

    Original Light Language allows us to be “in love” with life. It also allows us to be true to ourselves and honor our personal power when we are in conflict with others. This activation releases us from the trauma of what others are experiencing, allowing us to observe without becoming attached.

    Value: £17

    10. Inner Child Reconnection

    Inner Child Reconnection Activation reclaims the pieces of your soul that have been left in other lifetimes, galaxies and realms. It clears out all traumas that caused parts of you to be left in those lifetime; reclaims your power from those lifetimes; and surfaces your foundational beliefs for clearing and reclaiming your personal power.

    Value: £17

    11. Fruit of Life

    The Fruit Of Life lights up all 13 Chakras, and keeping you grounded and connected to your higher self. It also works on clearing related issues to the chakras, eg the throat chakra, this activation may help you with your ability to communicate with more ease.

    Value: £17

    12. Universal Life’s Grid

    The Life’s Grid activation creates a protective shield around you, keeping you safe from radiation, sound waves and other pollutants that are being put in our atmosphere (these harmful things shut down the pineal gland as well as your Kundalini energy). It also stops other people’s ‘chatter’ and negative energies coming into your space, which is a big help to empaths and psychics.

    Value: £17

    13. Heaven on Earth

    Heaven On Earth activation releases oaths made, or karma, to suffer for those who came before you. Many empathic people carry the pain of the planet and our ancestors. This activation releases all of the above.

    Value: £17

    14. Alchemy of the 3rd Dimension

    This activation, allows you to release all the third dimensional belief systems in the control from the third dimension. This activation should only be done after you’ve done the first 12 activations. As if you do this one before any of the other ones it can be too much for you and knock you out for a week. Or you will not feel or benefit from it. This activation plugs you into the Christ consciousness of the 5th dimension.

    Value: £17

    15. Planetary Alignment

    The Planetary Alignment activation aligns you with the planets and their transformative energy, helping you to shift with the planet with ease and grace. It also helps you be free of Mercury retrograde effects!

    Value: £17

    16. Bleeding Heart

    The Bleeding Heart activation will help you stay strong when you feel like you need to save the world. This activation will help you clear the urge and need to feel like you must save everything and everyone. This activation will also help you stay confident so that you can say ‘no’ when people are trying to convince you to help them.

    Value: £17

    17. Sacred Power

    The Sacred Power should be done after the others, as you need to be vibrating at the highest level possible to keep this activation. It clears all of your fears of being in your true sacred power and of being the life force you are meant to be. This activation will empower you to step into your true authentic power.

    Value: £17

    18. Are you a Martyr

    Martyrs put everyone else first and do not take care of themselves because they are too busy taking care of others. Being a martyr saps your strength and effectiveness and discourages other from taking responsibility for their own lives. This activation releases the belief that other people’s lives and emotions are more important than yours and will help you achieve balance in taking care of yourself and others.

    Value: £17

    19. Release From Spiritual Ego

    This activation allows your ego to get out of the way and allows you to do the work knowing that spirit is in charge allowing you to be the witness to help your clients. I have found that many healers, very much into their ego with some of the miracles that they witness. Or they feel not good enough if they’re working with somebody that does not heal or dies crushes their ego. Free of feeling you’re too good to help people, freeing you the feeling that you’re not good enough to help people.

    Value: £17

    20. Addiction Redirection

    The Addiction Redirection restores the instinct and energy to self-nurture. This addiction helps with various expressions of addictions including: Hoarding, Fear, Self sacrifice, Drama, Sex, Drugs, and any other behaviour that is an addiction you need to break away from, to help you be the best version of yourself!

    Value: £17

    21. Anger Towards God

    This activation is about releasing your anger and resentment at God, which may have been accumulated from past lives or ancestors, to be able to see those as beliefs that were self created, and most importantly, allows the release these very debilitating and toxic beliefs.

    Value: £17

    22. Soul Mate

    The Soul Mate Activation clears lifetime—beliefs, judgments, trauma and betrayal with your soul mates. It opens you to receive the right soul mate free of fear of the future with him or her. It also clears the collective consciousness, religious beliefs and genetic beliefs about relationships with a soul mate. We have many soul mates, and this will allow you to align with the most supportive and nurturing one in this lifetime.

    Value: £17

    23. Polar Opposite

    Polar Opposite allows new pathways of unconditional love to replace the negative pathways in the brain. We’ll focus on those things that are constantly running in the background, much like a bad virus, that just keeps trying to run, over and over, which stops you from achieving clarity and calmness and money. This activation is extremely powerful!

    Value: £17

    24.Sacred Blue Print

    The Sacred Blue Print Activation will help align you with your true self and your purpose in life, giving you the courage and knowledge of how to follow it without delay and/or fear. It will give you the knowing of what you are to do here on Earth so you can get on the right path!

    Value: £17

    1. Collective Church

    The Collective Church was given to the founder whilst in Portugal. Creator told her to go to a church, and while inside, she was told that she would receive creator’s truth and understanding about all churches of the world. She was also told that any oaths, vows or contracts put in place from past lives would be removed. This activation frees you from the ancestral need to suffer for God. It clears trauma associated with past lives as monks or nuns. It also clears the programs which tell you that it is forbidden for you to connect directly with God. This activation will bring you a clearer connection with Creator.

    Value: £17

    1. Seed of Life (The Creative Gene) Manifesting activation

    Based on sacred geometry, the Seed of Life allows you to identify six areas in your life to focus on for manifesting. This activation/guided meditation can bring in things for abundance or I am free, whatever you desire to create in your life! With the Seed of Life (this was also a crop circle in the UK) your energy becomes extremely focused to manifest that which you truly desire by planting the seeds to lead the life of your dreams.

    Value £17