• NEXT COURSE DATES: Saturday 30th June and Sunday 1st July 2018 10.15-5.30/6.00

-Theta Healing® Basic DNA2 Course 
-Theta Healing® Advanced Course 

    This 2-day course extends your abilities as you learn how to manifest using the Theta Healing® technique. This is unlike any of the visualisation or dream board or 'Law of Attraction€ techniques you may have learned before. You will be guided to discover deeper hidden beliefs, blocks and programs that you never realised you had and clear them.

    The course fee includes: your course manual and a copy of Vianna Stibal's CD on Manifesting and Abundance.
Upon Successful completion of the course you receive registered certification.

Course Curriculum 


    On the 2-day Theta Healing Manifesting and Abundance course you learn how to:

    • Manifest from the Seventh Plane, using the Theta brainwave state
    • Dig deeper and find the real root of the problem
    • Recognise that blocks around abundance are seldom about money
    • Surrender to and work with Divine Timing
    • Clear the "Theta 100" list of blocks that may be preventing you from creating what you truly want in your life!

    How to clear 'genetic' programs blocking abundance and more

    Manifesting and Abundance

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  • Courses held in Bridgwater, Somerset, UK