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    Relationships Course

    a series of workshops for healing and personal growth,

    in Abingdon Nr. Oxford

    Starting on Sunday 5th May 2019

    1.30 to 4.30pm - every 4-5 weeks   

    (Also coming online)Investment will be £70 at the door, early booking £45 per event. Includes free teas and snacks. We will do workshop type activities but this will also include actual energy transmissions that will clear lifetimes of pain and trauma which are blocking you from having absolutely marvelous relationships with:

    a soul mate, a friend, yourself, your own body, your family members, your life, your job, your environment....these are all things we are learning how to 'relate' to in healthy and conscious minded ways as we progress along our spiritual path. This will also be tailored to the needs of the group where possible.

    There is an introduction this Saturday 6th April 2019

    Soul Shine Wellness Centre,        101 Radley Road, Abingdon OX14 3PR.

    Message me with your interest on 07780.341343 or email [email protected] to book your place as numbers are limited. Thank you. Further course dates will be set in due course. This will be with Sherri Jemmett as your coach.












    Sat 26th and Sun 27th January 2019. 10am to 5.30pm/6pm daily 


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    You Tube: https://youtu.be/10chTWu2Dms



    Venue: Avalon Centre Kings Street Glastonbury Somerset UK



    Course fee:

    Early-bird booking: £188 per person and £300 if you are a  couple when booked by midnight on Monday 21st January. After that it goes back to the normal fee of £400 per person for the weekend.



    Course tutors: Beth Haley and Sherri Jemmett.

    Email me your request to join this phenomenal course and enrol: [email protected]

    Spend 2 amazing days in the heart of mystical Avalon UK (Glastonbury) focusing on expanding your beliefs of possibility to heal, manifest and spoon bend (psycokinesis) using meditation, Hemi-sync, belief work clearing, and intention with 2 healing masters, Beth Haley from Canada (bethhaley.com) and Sherri Jemmett (also from Canada originally but now local to Glastonbury)

    approx. An hour from Bristol airport. Exit 23 from M5 motorway in Somerset. Open to  all those with a sincere interest in personal and spiritual development.                           Tel. 0044(0)7780.341343

    We look forward to welcoming you there! We provide yummy wholesome snacks, (and the spoons!) including organic raw chocolate and beverages for break times. Lunch is not included but is within 3 mins walk to Glastonbury High Street full of great places to eat, including a vegan buffet place that is so fantastic and the food is cooked with love!

    and to connect with Beth go to www.bethhaley.com