• BASIC THETA HEALING PRACTITIONER COURSE IS NOW AVAILABLE ONLINE (yes I completed additional training with the Theta Healing Institute to be able to do this, so do check on thetahealing.com) I will run a new BASIC THETA HEALING COURSE over 3 full days via Zoom from SATURDAY 22nd August to MONDAY 24TH August 2020.

    Course fee remains the same, my additional costs will not be added to your course fee. You will still receive a copy of the book, either a digital version or a hard copy, plus a digital version of the manual, as it has been slightly modified to give you the best online experience. You will still be able to practice in pairs as there are 'break out rooms' that I put you in and will still monitor, and you will get lots of opportunity to also use the technique on yourself. So get in touch asap, I'm super excited to be able to continue giving you this training! It's super easy, you don't need to open any new accounts, just a computer as I send you the link to join, which is exclusive to students who are enrolled.

    10.15 - 6pm daily 

    E-mail me at [email protected] with your request 

    Friday 26th to October to Sunday 28th October 2019

    10.15am to 5.45pm. Fully certified. Early-bird booking £345 available up to the 2 weeks before, after that £395.

    Payment plans may be requested but cannot be guaranteed. Near Glastonbury (Bridgwater) Somerset UK.



    Please email me first for availability! [email protected] or call on 07780.341343



This course is your introduction to the world of Theta Healing®.

     On this exciting 3-day course, you learn the basic techniques of Theta Healing®. You gain insight into the science behind the technique and learn the fundamental principles of Theta Healing®. You learn how to identify and release limiting and disempowering beliefs from the subconscious mind and replace them with empowering ones for yourselves and others. The course is 75% hands on, so you leave knowing how to use the ThetaHealing® technique for yourself and others immediately.


    The course fee includes: your course manual and your copy of Vianna Stibal's book "Theta Healing".  It is recommended that you read the book before coming on the course, (we can send it to you in advance).

    Upon successful completion, you are certified as a Basic Theta Healing® Practitioner. 

    Course Curriculum: On the 3-day Theta Healing Basic (DNA2) course you will learn:

    • The Theta Healing story and about the founder
    • The 4 different levels of beliefs 
    • The 5 brainwaves   
    • How to use the Theta brainwave to tap into Infinite Source and:

*remove limiting beliefs instantly and easily
*instantly teach yourself new feelings so you can experience new things in your life
*co-create and manifest what you want in your life 
    • How to look inside the human body 
    • How to identify the different intuitive energies used for healing 
    • How to activate your Youth and Vitality chromosomes and your 12-strands of DNA 
    • How to retrieve soul fragments
    • How to release waywards and entities instantly and much more...

    Basic DNA 2

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    Email or use the Schedule Appointment form for course dates and more information. Payment plans may be requested.

  • Courses held in Bridgwater, (Bristol/Glastonbury) Somerset, UK

    Next Basic Course Dates:

    coming again soon! You can email me if you have a group or a centre that would like me to come and teach you, UK or abroad.



    I have set up a Facebook Page - a safe place to request swaps and practice called "BELIEF WORK SWAP GROUP (no advertising)" for students and practitioners working with belief changes. You may send a request to join, as it is not a public group. 


    Course fees are normally non-refundable with 15 days of course commencement.