Advanced Theta Healing

Course Details

This 3-day course is to facilitate your own spiritual growth, removing more limiting beliefs using new techniques. You also learn how to use the Basic Theta Healing® techniques at a much higher level by learning short-cuts to connect to the Creator of all that is and gaining more confidence in the messages you receive. You leave the course with a raised vibration and a clearer channel, which allows you to achieve better and faster results – you are also more clearly able to create what you really want in your life.

On successful completion, you become a Certified Advanced Theta Healing® Practitioner.

Course Curriculum
On the 3-day Theta Healing® Advanced course you learn: 

  • In-depth understanding and personal experience of the 7 planes of existence 
  • How to recognise and work with the different planes for healing 
  • How to release and resolve: rejection, resentment and regret 
  • How to fix a broken soul 
  • How to release free-floating memories 
  • How to work with and heal any “consciousness” including plants, animals and non-organic materials (e.g. your house, business, or a car etc.). 
  • How to bend time 
  • How to send healing to a broken heart
  • The ‘Heart song’, and much more….

Please email me first for availability! [email protected] or call on 07780.341343 

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