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Hello and thank you for clicking on this page. By reading a little bit about me will help you understand what I can do and how I can help you too.

Sherri Jemmett is a dedicated lightworker,Master healer and teacher who works with clients from all over the globe. Having initially trained as a TeraMaiTM Reiki and Seichem Master and Teacher, and then progressed to train and work with various other modalities for over 25 years including Theta Healing, Sacral Activations, E.F.T.(also known as Tapping), Matrix Re-Imprinting, Recall Healing, Chakra Balancing, Thai Foot Massage, Meditation, Psychic and Spiritual Development and Remote Viewing training, Shamanic journeying, Access Bars® body processing, Crystal Layouts and Past Life Regression in many different countries including Italy, Denmark, Thailand, India, Switzerland, America, Israel and the UK.

“I firmly believe that when you step onto your true path, the universe supports you in previously unimaginable ways!!! Would you like to know HOW to be ready to step onto your own divine path?”

And I have so much to be thankful for and I enjoy the practice of Gratitude.


The Hawaian Ho’oponopono is lovely and very powerful healing prayer! You just think of a disturbing issue then repeat these four short phrases over and over till it feels lighter….so give it a go!
“I’m sorry, I forgive you, I love you, thank you.” 

Sherri experienced a Kundalini awakening at the great pyramid, Giza in 1990. This is just before it happened, in a complete state of lightness and relaxation – it was totally unexpected! In 2016 the universe drew her towards higher vibration ground in the UK and at present resides near the heart chakra of the world (and currently also the 3rd eye) Glastonbury Somerset.

Sherri is originally from Canada with English parents and at present resides in the UK again. After living and working in Italy for over 20 years as an interpreter, teacher, voice over recording artist and voice coach for television and recording studios, international events presenter, Kundalini Yoga trainee and holistic therapist, she returned to the UK in 2005 where she continued to advance her knowledge through yet further training and studies, including anatomy and physiology and the field of quantum physics. Mourning the loss of her mother, she looked to emotional healing for help and experiencing the positive impact this had on her life was then immediately guided towards training and qualified as an E.F.T. Emotional Freedom Techniques® Practitioner, Matrix Re-Imprinting® and subsequently ThetaHealing® Practitioner and Instructor training and mastery, which also paved the way towards further Activations Mastery. Sherri does sessions and can teach both in English and in Italian.

She also undertook a period of doing voluntary work – providing emotional healing, in her local community centre, assisting with recovery from addictions, sexual abuse and social anxieties. She now runs her own healing therapy practice and provides training courses in the South West area in Somerset, near the world famous Glastonbury, heart chakra power centre, and travels giving workshops and teaching in the UK and abroad.

“The kundalini awakening and subsequently Theta Healing have been huge spiritual awakening experiences and provided a much needed turning point in my life – it was like finally coming home to myself, knowing that I was part of all this immense universal energy of light, which I could tap into for guidance and I was finally able to more deeply comprehend my ability to truly change how I viewed myself and the world! Just through focus, and I learnt how I was already manifesting things in my life, and that it was possible to harness universal energy with focus and intent to manifest something different – and feel more in control of my life instead of playing the victim.”Sherri now helps many clients with personal and spiritual development, grief recovery and healing from inner child wounds and trauma.” 

Since 2009 Sherri’s main passion and expertise lies in working with the unconscious mind and emotions, to clear the path towards living through greater awareness, a higher state of consciousness, and to live in joy and peace.
Since 2013, Sherri has also completed levels I-III in Recall Healing with Dr. Gilbert Renaud at the University of Tel Aviv, Israel. Based on new German Medicine and the research of Claude Sabbah and Dr. Hamer. This experience has amplified Sherri’s knowledge and skill in effectively dealing with the origins of trauma. She has also completed training for Sacred Activations Master practitioner and Medical Intuitive, and will soon be teaching these courses as well. She completed “The Journey” Intensive and Advanced Skills workshop by Brandon Bays and is also a facilitator for Access Bars® body processess, inclusing energetic facelift and vision correction, which is a hands on healing session which can be booked in advance.
Having made several apprearances as a Holistic Expert on an international TV programme, Sherri is a often a guest speaker on Radio Talk shows, and gives public talks on many spiritual and holistic subjects.
Now with over 27 years experience in this field, she is able to offer a unique, pure, and gentle form of empowering mind-body-spirit healing and spiritual guidance to assist people of all ages and backgrounds in reaching their highest potential and goals in life.
Sherri speaks fluent Italian (and some French) and is able to conduct her consultations and training in Italian or English – she welcomes students and clients of all nationalities and spiritual and religious backgrounds. If English is not your native language, I use simple easy words, or I explain it simply, so you can follow everything and get the best out of your training.
Sherri is fully certified by the Theta Healing Institute of Knowledge (THInK), where she is registered as a Master ThetaHealing® Instructor-Practitioner. Sherri is also a member of the Association of Advanced Meridian Energy Techniques and the TeraMai® Healers Association, and a registered Sacred Activations Instructor and Master.

Sherri’s ThetaHealing® qualifications include:

Training and certification in Theta Healing can only awarded by teachers who have trained with the founder in person and are currently registered with the Theta Healing Institute of Knowledge, so visit The current policy is to recertify every 4 years for teachers, and every 5 years for practitioners.
Skype sessions are the most common and simplest way to have your sessions. In person appointments are extremely limited but may be requested and are usually in the Bridgwater/Glastonbury/Bristol area, Somerset UK. In person sessions with Sherri in other countries may be available during training visits, and prices may vary from the UK rates. Sherri is also able to communicate with your loved ones who have crossed over, as well as release negative waywards or entities that have attached themselves to you.

Feel free to call and find out how I can help you on your spiritual journey.

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