Free yourself from long held fears and limitations and build a life you love.
A spiritual philosophy for improvement and evolvement of mind, body and spirit.
Working with remarkable & fast working healing modalities.


Sherri Jemmett is an experienced Theta Healing Master/Instructor and offers Healing courses and practitioner training both in the UK, and internationally on request. All courses are available in English or Italian. She is also a fully trained E.F.T. Practitioner (tapping), a Matrix Re-Imprinting Practitioner and a Reiki-Seichem Master. She is currently based in Somerset, UK. Sherri’s mission is to re-awaken your own ability to be happy, healthy and feel safe in the world, and to help you heal from all the negative thought patterns you’ve decided on or taken on from others. We are all here to be who we truly are, in our most divine light!

‘Nowadays, I find my clients want the quickest and most effective way to feel better and alleviate their stress, fears, depression and anxiety which may be affecting several or indeed all areas of their lives. The benefits of many forms of holistic therapies are undeniable and very effective in alleviating the worst – but, the truth is, we are governed throughout the day by our unconscious beliefs, about ourselves and the world around us. The techniques I use during your session allow you, with guidance, to safely uncover and address these self-limiting beliefs that no longer serve you, uncover how and what they have been teaching you, then change them – with empowering and lasting results.'(see the Theta Healing® Page for an example session)

Fully Accredited Master Theta Healer ® - Sherri Jemmett